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React is our tool of choice for building single-page applications. It makes the creation of complex user interfaces simple and predictable. We have helped many companies like Denver Health, Valid Eval and Navigant to build modern and scalable user interfaces with React, Redux, and GraphQL.

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Why choose React

Building world class UIs has always been difficult, and React was created to address a lot of the usual pain points that front-end developers commonly faced. This was engrained into React's DNA by embracing a components based development model and a large set of great ideas borrowed from functional programming. We also believe that React, and the ecosystem of tools around it, encourages code reuse and generalization without penalizing the development velocity. A common issue with other modern frameworks.

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How React changed us...

We started to use React early on and rapidly changed the way we think UIs. Instead of building pages we started to build components and we soon realized that they served as a much better abstraction for developers, designers and clients.

As our seniority using the technology evolved, it became obvious that React solves one part of the problem very well but also that it leaves up to the team other important decisions, like managing state and responding to state changes. We started using Redux and Redux-Sagas and we still think those are great choices but lately we've moved towards GraphQL for requesting and keep it up to date with the server.

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