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Astropay webapp screenshot is an international digital health company focused on mobile patient engagement for diverse markets. They use mobile and cloud-based, HIPAA-compliant technology to connect with patients and drive healthy behavior. The use of intuitive technology along with advanced analytics creates a unique solution for meaningful engagement.

Astropay webapp screenshot

Ingenious designed a whole new way to create easy to construct, personalized messages, segmented so as to reach the desired users based on a series of characteristics and preferences. Also, Ingenious has given crucial support to restructure the platform, improving its overall performance, and adding new features that translate into better user experience and engagement.

Astropay webapp screenshot
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Corey Goodwin

Director of Product -

"Ingenious is a true partner in our product strategy, design, and development. They are communicative, strategic, and genuinely invested in our success. They are team players and enjoy a good challenge; we can trust them to make strategic development and architecture decisions and recommendations to set us up for ongoing success, as well as to go above and beyond to proactively solve issues. Thank you, Ingenious for your partnership!"
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